Bertin Bistro & Restaurant

Last Friday, headed to Bertin for their brunch. Was my 1st time here, and why had I not been here before!

I love places that have a galore of sunlight emitting through its full glass interiors. Perfect to have a coffee or breakfast or that brunch on a lazy Friday afternoon.

Priced at AED 75, the brunch at Bertin includes a selection of breakfast items prepared to order, a buffet selection of salads, breads, main course and pastries, plus a made to order Pain Perdu. Unfortunately this price includes no drinks (no coffee, no water, nothing). But the amazing staff here were absolutely kind to not charge me for the Ginger Lemonade and Cappuccino that I ordered. It’s surely the little things that matter.

From the breakfast selection, I SO recommend the Egg Benedict Cheese Souffle with Mushrooms. Nothing like I’ve even eaten before. SO. GOOD.
From the main the course, the Roast Chicken with Mushroom Sauce was beautiful. I am not chicken fan myself, but this was so delicious.

And lastly, their much talked about Pain Perdu. My 1st time trying it, and whilst I did like it, I found parts of it to be quiet dry whilst some parts were really moist. Not sure if that’s how it needs to be.
But overall, I loved every bit of my experience here. The staff are a real delight.

Going back? Can’t wait!


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